Twitter at Academic Conferences

If you’re new to Twitter or how it’s used at conferences, here is a quick round up of some reports about how Twitter has been used at academic conferences:

Kristen Mapes on Twitter at the International Medieval Congress

An Analysis of Twitter Conversations at Academic Conferences” by
Laura Gonzales

Why do You Find Twitter Useful as an Academic?” by Mark Carrigan

How Tos and Rules of Engagement (varied!)

Twitter for Academics” by Josephine Scoble

Ten Simple Rules of Live Tweeting at Scientific Conferences” by Sean Ekins and Ethan O. Perlstein

How to Live Tweet Effectively At Academic Conferences” by Mark Carrigan

The Dos and Don’ts of Live-Tweeting at an Academic Conference: A Working Draft” by Vanessa Varin

Deeper Reads:

How social media extends the conversation beyond the conference: Hacking the Academy

How People Are Using Twitter during Conferences” by Wolfgang Reinhardt, Martin Ebner, Günter Beham, and Cristina Costa

Twitter in Academic Conferences: Usage, Networking and Participation over Time” by Xidao Wen, Yu-Ru Lin, Christoph Trattner, and Denis Parra

In Public: The Shifting Consequences of Twitter Scholarship” by Bonnie Steward

Mea Culpa: on Conference Tweeting, Politeness, and Community Building” by Ryan Cordell

If You Can’t Say Anything Nice” by Kathleen Fitzpatrick

Twitter at Academic Conferences

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